My Experience with AdvancingAg

By Carly Schoolemmer

The variety of things that I got to do in this program, from the leadership conference to attending agriculture extension like Agronomy Update, Farm Tech, Making the Grade and Hedging Edge, has helped me learn so much more. I’ve also have great conversions with my amazing mentor Janine, who has introduced me to amazing people that have been involved in agriculture for a long time. Since she has worked in agriculture finance, we discussed topics like purchasing land and how to set up your farm financially. Those are some topics that I struggle with understanding, but with her help, things are now a lot more clear.

Over this past year, I have had the opportunity to travel to different places in Alberta to diversify my knowledge about agriculture. I’ve had an incredible journey meeting new people that have made a huge impact in agriculture, learning new technologies that are advancing agriculture, and obtaining skills that I can implement into my family farming operation.

One of the best things that I gained was the connection and friendship with the other members of the program. It is so exciting running into them at events to catch up and chat. I am looking forward to seeing where their agriculture journey takes them. I’ve also met some incredible speakers that have taught me great life lessons, which I am already using in my everyday life, like how to properly communicate and have a memorable conversation.

I will be forever thankful that I was accepted into this program and for any of you that want to advance your agriculture career, this is the program for you.